We are waiting for you in Cala Ratjada!


  • Serrano Hotels can be reached from Palma airport by bus, taxi or rental car. The distance to Cala Ratjada is approximately 77 km.
  • Yes, all Serrano Hotels have private paid parking, except for the Hotel Clumba and the Mar Azul Pur Estil Hotel & Spa. However, parking is easily available in the immediate vicinity.
  • Serrano Hotels serves a continental buffet breakfast.
  • The rooms available at Serrano Hotels are varied, ranging from singles to doubles, triples, suites and family rooms, many with fabulous sea views.
  • Check-in time at Serrano Hotels is from 2 pm and check-out time is until 12 noon.
  • You can pay for a reservation at Serrano Hotels in cash, or using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.
  • English, Spanish and German are spoken at Serrano Hotels' receptions.
  • The hotels of Serrano Hotels are very close to the centre of Cala Ratjada.
  • Yes, all Serrano Hotels hotels have swimming pools. Depending on each hotel, they can be outdoor, heated or even on the roof top.
  • Yes, the rooms at Serrano Hotels have a balcony or terrace (except for the single rooms at Hotel Clumba).
  • Except in the Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa and Mar Azul PurEstil Hotelo & Spa, yes (provided that they weigh no more than 5 kg. They are no allowed in the common areas).
  • Two of our hotels are for adults only: Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa and the Mar Azul Pur Estil Hotel & Spa. In the rest, there are no age restrictions.
  • The Serrano Hotels are located very close to the beaches of Cala Agulla and Son Moll. The Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa has direct access to the sea.
  • Yes, Serrano Hotels has different restaurants in each of its hotels. Each hotel has a buffet restaurant. Moreover the Son Moll Sentits Hotel & Spa also has a gourmet restaurant.