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Dear Clients,

It is nice to have you back home.

To make certain that you enjoy your holidays safely Serrano Hotels has composed several preventive rules which ensure safety distance between persons and necessary hygiene measurements complying with WHO’s recommendations concerning Covid-19.

These measurements focus basically on two aspects:

·         Always hold a distance of at least 1.5m to our staff and other guests, especially in circumstances that may create queues (front desk, SPA area, bar counter, buffet, rest rooms and alike). Using a mask is compulsory.

·         Wash your hands often and thoroughly or use the hydroalcoholic gel supplied in the main areas of the hotel.



-          Gauging:  We kindly ask you to observe the signs indicating the maximum allowed number of persons in certain areas. Moreover, please note that in both the revolving door at the main entrance and the elevators must not be used by more than one person at a time.

-          Check-in / Check-out: To accomplish with the protocollary room cleaning please note that the modified time for access to the rooms on arrival is 3 p.m. On departure rooms must be release at 11 a.m.

-          Late Check-out: Clients my use 20 minutes shower previously reserved at the front desk.

-          Luggage room: For your own safety please note that only staff members can access to the luggage storing area.

-          Payment: Whenever possible please discard the use of cash and pay your hotel invoice with a bankcard (preferable contactless)

-          Pick-up time upon departure: Please refer to the QR-Codes. The front desk will be happy to help.

-          Personal temperature measuring: If needed, the front desk will assist you.

-          Car parking:  can be hired at the front desk. Please note that our staff is not allowed to drive nor to handle your car.

-          Sightseeing / Excursions: Please refer to the front desk for actual information.

-          Board games: are provided by the front desk.


-          QR Codes: can be downloaded in your own room.

-          Room cleaning / Maintenance: Please note the both the cleaning and the maintenance staff is not allowed to enter rooms in presence of guests. In exceptional situations using masks becomes mandatory.

-          TV remote controls: For your safety we recommend using the control while still in the sealed package. If the control is unwrapped, it must be clinically disinfected upon departure.

-          Laundry service: If required please ask the front desk for a sterile bag.

-          Amenities: are supplied by the front desk upon request.


For dinner, please dress accordingly. To accomplish with hygiene regulations please ask our waiters to be seated.

To give us time to clean and sterilise tables for the next guests please displace after diner chats to the hotel’s bar.

-          Buffet: For your own safety please handle only food of your personal consumption and always wear a mask.

-          Wine list: is contained in a QR code on your table.

-          Room service: can be ordered calling the front desk. The service trolley will be placed in front of the room’s door. Once finished please ask the front desk to remove the trolley.


The beverage list is at your disposal in a QR code.

-          Bar counter service: will be provided until midnight. – thereafter only table service is allowed.

-          Bar Snack: For drinks and snacks please find QR codes on the tables in the bar and on the terrace. Please refer to the barman If some other kinds of products (like ice cream or spices) are required.


-          Unless you share household, please ensure a security distance (1.5m) between persons in the pool and/or lying on sunbeds. Please ask the lifeguard to place the sunbeds properly.

-          Pool towels: You can exchange the towel cards provided by the front desk for towels at the pool’s bar (from 10 am till noon and again from 6 pm till 7 pm). Once used, please place the towels in the trolley provided.

-          Paradise Deck: can be hired at the front desk.

-          smoking: is legally forbidden throughout all areas of the hotel.


-          Treatments and massages: Pleas note that during treatments and massages the use of masks is mandatory.

-          As at the pool, towel-cards can be exchanged for towels in the same time slots and be disposed after use in the trolley provided.

-          Indoors pool and resting sunbeds:
* In the pool please keep a distance of at least 1,5m to other guests.
* Resting beds: Please use a bathrobe or a towel.
* Before using the showers you must clean the operating buttons with the
   disinfectant provided.

-          Jacuzzi / Sauna / Turkish bath:
* For your safety please pay attention to the maximum number of persons at
   a time allowed as displayed at the entrance and use only the enabled seats.
* Wearing bathing dress is mandatory.
* Using towels or wearing bathrobes in the sauna is mandatory.


(For safety reasons the number of devices has been reduced)

-          Fitness room: Once used please clean devices thoroughly with the paper and disinfectant provided.


Possible Covid-19 symptoms show up: For your own and other’s sake stay in your room, avoid physical contact to any other person and contact the front desk or the management immediately.


It may be of interest to know that our entire staff has been thoroughly briefed to comply with all sanitary measurements and personal distances required to prevent any possible infection.

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