First, we would like to thank you for having decided to stay with us in Cala Ratjada and to welcome you warmly to Hotel Serrano Palace, which belongs to Serrano Hotels, a chain which was founded by one of the pioneering families in tourism in this area: The Serrano family.

In the following pages you will find all the information you require about the services and facilities offered by the hotel. The Serrano family and every member of staff sincerely hope you have a truly wonderful stay, and we are certain that this holiday will be an unforgettable experience. We should like to invite you to take part in our constant efforts to improve by giving us your comments and suggestions so that we ensure providing the of high-quality service you expect to receive.

To enjoy your holidays in complete peace of mind Serrano Hotels has developed several preventive measures which ensure social distancing and hygiene, thus compiling with legal establishments referring to the health crisis raised by COVID-19.

These preventive measures base principally on 3 attitudes:

·         Always keep a social distance of at least 1,5m to both other guests and our staff especially when in a queue (reception, Spa, bar counter, buffet, rest rooms, etc.).

·         Wash your hands frequently or use the hydroalcoholic gel provided in all areas of the hotel.

Always use the face mask in all enclosed spaces (and even in open spaces if the social distance cannot be held).



To enjoy the following services, please contact the reception. The staff will be delighted to assist you.

Car, bikes, motorbikes, and boat rentals


Animal pets are welcome provided they weigh less than 5 kg. Pleas note that there are pet restricted areas in the hotel.

Money Exchange

Luggage Room

Medical 24 h.


Courtesy shower

It is possible to book a 30 min. shower time on departure day. Please contact the reception the day prior to departure.


Free of charge throughout the hotel. Password: serranohotels.

Laundry, Ironing, Mending

If you wish to hand in clothing for washing, ironing, or mending please use the special bag that you will find in the wardrobe and fill in the form provided.


The Hotel has an own chargeable parking area. For further information please dial extension 801.


Please place your orders before 8 p.m. the day before.


Luggage Service

Room category upgrades.



Customer service

Dial 801 on the telephone in your room. We will be happy to attend to your requirements and suggestions.


Internal calls

To make a call inside the hotel, dial the room number directly.

Internal Directory

            Reception                    800/801       Bar Salón del Mar            808

    Beauty “Dana Care”        827           Bar Las Olas                     819

    Paradise Deck Terrasse   830           Restaurante del Sol           809

External calls

To make an international call, dial 0 for an outside line, then “00” followed by the national code of the country concerned.



Your Room


Air Conditioning

The control switch is above the headboard of your bed. You can select 3 speeds (high, normal, gentle). You will find a thermostat at the entrance to the bedroom. Opening the terrace door will automatically switch off the A/C.

Bathroom Accessories

Due to a new environment policy, we do no longer provide welcome gifts in the rooms. If you need such products, please contact the front desk dial 801.

Sunset Services

Every evening we set up your room once more to ensure a pleasant rest.


If you want us to wake you up, please contact the front desk (dial 801).


On the day of departure, you must vacate your room before noon. If you wish to stay longer, please contact the front desk.

We have transformers and adapters if you should need them.


Mini bar

The minibar in your room is stocked with a variety of articles which are replaced and checked every day. Articles consumed will appear on your invoice. Please note that the minibar is to contain house provided articles only.

Coca Cola                         2,95€

Fanta Orange                    2,95€

Fanta Lemon                     2,95€

Still/ mineral water             2,35€


Tratamientos ideales pensados para ti

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